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Oracle Foodie Tour – Top Dishes You Cannot Miss!

The Challenge is set… one month… one $500 Oracle Gift Card…with so many delicious options available on “the Boulevard”, we’ve compiled a list of the TOP DISHES that you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT MISS!

Social Eating House

To kick off a month’s worth of good food at Oracle Boulevard, you’ll be booking a table at the ambient Social Eating House. Settle in, because you’re about to taste some of the best and freshest seafood on the Gold Coast!

Your order: “Could we please have a plate of six natural oysters with clear tomato and yuzu granita. And because your bartenders make some of the best cocktails on the coast, we’ll pair the oysters with two Native Australian Cocktails.”

The reason we suggest ordering this cocktail is, not only do they use local spirits like Brookies Slow Gin and Mount Tambourine Distillery Quandong Liqueur, this apéritif style cocktail includes Australian native Davidson Plums and a splash of lemon juice. Oh, and it’s bloody delicious.

Total: $71


Sister restaurant of Social Eating House and the next stop on our $500 gift card funded foodie tour of Oracle Boulevard, is Orzo. Here, the stunning fit-out is only outshone by the incredible pasta that, in the words of Orzo themselves, ‘is pasta made by hand and heart’.

Your order: “Hi, may we please order the house-made seafood spaghetti with prawns, zucchini and cherry tomatoes thank you. And, because we both have a sweet tooth, we’re going to order the decadent tiramisu for dessert. Thanks!”

Who needs to travel to Italy, when you can get authentic Italian cuisine in the heart of Broadbeach?

Total: $86

The Cuban

Welcome to Havana, because the boulevard is about to transform into the party-inspired streets of Cuba! With a Latin-infused menu and jugs of Sangria at the ready, we have the perfect recommendation for your evening at The Cuban.

Your order: “Hello! We’d like to order the Paella Cubana with Spanish chorizo, roasted chicken, flame-grilled prawns, and calamari tossed with saffron rice, sweet corn, and black bean, please.”

Okay, you don’t have to say the whole thing, but we wanted to paint the picture.

“And we’ll also order a jug of red sangria to top it off. Thanks!”

Total: $112

Mecca Bah

When you book your next evening out, with your $500 Oracle gift card in-hand, you’ll want to make sure you have a light lunch and invite three friends (the minimum for this one is four people). The Middle Eastern Banquet at Mecca Bah is an absolute must-try on the boulevard and you certainly won’t be left wanting.

Your order: “May we please order the Middle Eastern Banquet thank you. Does this mean we can pick three mezze plates like spiced lamb and pine nut Bourekas and Mecca Bah trio of dips with warm bread? And we also get one main per person, like the grilled halloumi pizza? Yes? Great, can’t wait!”

Total: $44 (for your share)


Welcome to Mama’s kitchen for your fifth foodie reservation at Oracle Boulevard! It’s here you’ll find the perfect blend of traditional and modern southeast Asian cuisine, curated by renowned Chef, Ray Choi. Take a seat at Mamasan and get comfortable, we have some incredible recommendations for you.

Your order: “Hi there, we’d like to try the grilled Moreton Bay bug half shells with umami, XO butter sauce, chives, and lime. And we’ll have those with two My Thai cocktails with kaffir lime leaf infused Pampero Blanco rum, lime, coconut, and pineapple. Delish!”

The perfect meal and cocktail combo, as we venture closer to the warmer seasons.

Total: $90

The Lucky Squire

To round-out your month of mouth-watering dishes at Oracle Boulevard, you’re going to spend a Sunday afternoon tucking into a delicious wood-fired pizza, enjoying a craft beer tasting paddle, and listening to some live tunes. But before you head down to The Lucky Squire with your $500 gift card, make sure you save this to your notes.

Your order: “Hey mate, could we please order the wood-fired Di Carne pizza with sopressa, prosciutto, cacciatore, mozzarella, and olives. And we’ll grab one of the ‘Go Rogue’ tasting paddles where we can choose any four James Squire beers. Cheers!”

And while we did suggest the Di Carne pizza, honestly you can’t go wrong with anything on their menu. It’s all good!

Total: $44

With a month’s worth of delicious meals at Oracle Boulevard coming to a total of $447 – guess what – you can order another couple of drinks to keep the good times rolling!

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