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Bringing CHANG3 to the fitness industry

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It’s a new year with many of us hoping for a fresh start and shaking off the dust of 2020 and maybe finally get on top of some of those resolutions new and old.

A new and exciting exercise brand CHANG3 is shaking up how we get fit, bringing an overhaul to the industry with a unique wellness studio at Oracle Boulevard open now.

They are boasting a state of the art facility, world-class trainers and equipment across all training and practices and a passion for fusing fitness with technology and wellness and many captivating activations to engage with their members.

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Membership also comes with some unique benefits tailored to our unique way of life here on the Gold Coast, giving you access to Currumbin Cycle Cruisers and Surfboards and even a Creche while you attend various classes including wine yoga, yoga, reformer pilates and meditation or just get in a workout.

Co-founder of CHANG3 Pete Haselhurst said the centre’s people-first approach, aims to empower their members through infusing body and mental exercise with technology and lifestyle.

“My passion for fitness comes from loving people and seeing the change physical and mental exercise can bring in every person.”

The CHANG3 brand was the brainchild of a trio of fitness and business experts, Pete Haselhurst, Emma Pearson and Lucy Francis to change the “stale” approach to wellness in Australia, creating a real movement for ‘change’ that welcomes its community to experience a new journey together.

If you would like some more information on CHANG3 wellness visit www.chang3.com

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