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Chef Profile – Orzo

Fabrizio Faitella

Fabrizio Faitella started his culinary studies when he was only 15 years old. He wasn’t entirely sure if it was his calling in the beginning, but as time passed, he found himself in the midst of the kitchen, learning from remarkable chefs, and naturally his passion was ignited.

In 2015, Fabrizio made the big move from Italy to Australia and is now a proud citizen. Although his history lays in Italy, his philosophy is far from that of traditional Italian chefs.

Fabrizio is all about having the freedom to experiment, infusing dishes with a blend of flavours from around the world, and never compromising on seasoning. Since the reopening of Orzo in 2019, Fabrizio has been the head chef and never misses an opportunity to create flavourful (and beautifully seasoned) dishes.

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