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Payroll Pain? ETZ reduces error and saves you time and money with our powerful workforce management software.

Running your back office is time consuming, complicated and admin heavy. ETZ can help, providing workforce management software for your payroll process.

ETZ will take away your payroll pain with our automated and streamlined back office solution. We take care of your payroll process from timesheets to payroll and payment, expenses and invoicing. ETZ will:

  • minimise risks & errors
  • save back office processing costs by 85%
  • complete your payroll quicker and more efficiently

ETZ accepts timesheets in any format, automatically calculates overtime, allows you to chase timesheets and approvals with a click of a button, provides real time reports and completes timesheet to payroll and payment in 60 seconds. ETZ’s integrations will reduce the double handling of work, and load your data seamlessly from your CRM. When your payroll is complete ETZ will send the data into your payroll and accounting system with no errors.

Operating in 20 countries, ETZ is trusted by more than 400 clients globally.

If you want ETZ to fix your payroll pain, contact us today!