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Tuesday 26 July, 2022 to Tuesday 30 August, 2022

Build Your Own Schnitzel Tuesday at The Bavarian!

That’s right, we’re letting you create your own masterpiece — only to demolish it. ​​​​​​​Every Tuesday we put the ball in your court with our Build Your Own Schnitzels, allowing you to design your golden-crumbed schnitties with epic toppings, starting from $15!

Score the schnitzel of your dreams in just four easy steps:

1. Choose your base: chicken, naked (grilled), pork, wannabe a schnitzel (plant-based)

2. Choose your toppings: smashed avo, bacon, rocket salad & parmesan, fried egg, wilted greens, trio of cheese, Kielbasa sausage, pork belly bites, Buffalo wings, squid, käsespätzle

3. Choose your sides:
 fries, potato cucumber salad, mash, forest salad

4. Choose your sauce: 
mushroom sauce, hot buffalo, BBQ, bier jus

Your schnitzel canvas awaits!  

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