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Wednesday 4 November, 2020 to Sunday 29 November, 2020

New Jack Daniel’s Southern Schnitzel

The Bavarian is giving its traditional schnitzel an iconic southern-style makeover for the month of November, and it’s a crispy-southern-spiced dream!

Introducing the Jack Daniel’s Southern Schnitzel ($26). Inspired by the whiskey flavours of southern US and Tennessee, this golden beauty comprises of lightly spiced buttermilk and yoghurt brined chicken breast that is doused in a thick flour crumb that is laced with a blend of 10 spices.

It is then deep-fried until insanely crunchy and is served with potato gems that are lightly dusted in chipotle chilli seasoning, creamy cabbage slaw, and generous dollops of Frank’s hot sauce & Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce.

Only available for the month of November.

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