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SOURCE: insidegoldcoast.com.au/blowfish

BLOWFISH Ocean Grill + Bar has those high-end seafood hankerings sorted.

After spending the better part of two decades winning the hearts of carnivores near and far, the owners of highly acclaimed steakery Moo Moo, have set their sights on the sea – sinking a cool $3m on their quest to bring a ‘world-class’ seafood venue to our shores.

There’s little doubt that BLOWFISH Ocean Grill + Bar – the newest venture from Steven & Autumn Adams – has some dauntingly big shoes to fill. Though as you might have gleaned from both the eye-watering project cost and its culinary lineage, this little sib newcomer is a just little bit extra. The lofty, double-story venue which formerly housed The Bavarian, is wooing up to 150 diners at one time – complete with a lush 24 seat private dining room up on the upper floor.

The BLOWFISH ethos revolves around exquisite seafood, bringing glistening, salt-kissed Caviar BumpsMoreton Bay bug stuffed Milk Buns, and signature Seafood Towers to Broadbeach’s surging premier dining scene.

The jaw-dropping new space lies merely a stone’s throw from Moo Moo, and some familiar faves from its iconic grill make a cameo on the menu (huzzah, now we can drag those seafood-dodging downers of ours along without complaint).

Steven and Autumn spent several months looking all over the Gold Coast for the right location and they believe they’ve got the perfect venue in Broadbeach. The mind-blowing fit-out was brought to us by local design gurus Space Cubed – with a brief we can only assume went something along the lines of ‘exquisite space for exquisite seafood’.

The materials and details have all been selected to convey a coastal inspired sense of grandeur – with luxury details like architecturally sculpted ceilings that blend seamlessly into an expansive, feature lit void, along with chic, seafoam-green wraparound booths as far as the eye can ‘sea’ (sorry, we’ll sea ourselves out).

When it comes to the kitchen, Steven and Autumn have gone ‘against the grain’, opting instead for the twice as nice approach – jointly appointing Bradley Davis and Lee Huckstep as Head Chefs. Adding “both Brad and Leigh have a strong history with us… Together these guys have the talent to bring our unique menu to life.”

And if dishes such as Western Australian Rock Lobster w. Congac + Gruyere’ are anything to go by, we’d say this dynamic duo is has already come out ‘swimming’. As you’d expect, the seafood-centric menu is a total knockout – with a curated selection of premium steaks and sides such as Blowfish Signature Banana Blossom Salad + Noc Chum featured alongside Iceberg Caesar and Charred Sugar Loaf, Pistachio + Sesame in Wagyu Fat that further elevate their selection of ocean specialties.

The BLOWFISH seafood showcase is mainly split between a delectable mix of hot, such as the spectacular Black Lip Mussels w. Rega Rogue Rose, alongside cold delicacies like Sashimi and Nigiri and a pearler of a range of Oysters – all backed up by some very delightful creations from beyond the bar.

Our pick? The Blowfish Bubble, made with Ketel one Vodka Infused with Chamomile, Fresh Pear, Orgeat, Thyme, Orange, Chamomile Tinson, Yuzu Pearls + Citrus Smoke…

We’re fairly sure diners will be blown away at first sip, lick, slurp and nibble of each and every delectable morsel BLOWFISH is sending our way.

Words by Kellie Leader.
Images by Mathilde Bouby.

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