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Chef Profile – Social Eating House

Zackary Goddard

Zackary Goddard always wanted to become a chef and once he graduated from school, he decided to take the leap into an apprenticeship with the hopes of making it a lifelong career.

Today, Zackary is an integral member of the Social Eating House team where he’s been working as head chef for around one year. Zackary loves the vibrant atmosphere of the restaurant, its collective energy, and most importantly its dedicated team.

In his opinion, the restaurant is truly special because of its customers – whether you’re someone who’s just stepped off the beach or a guest looking for a high-end dining experience, there’s a place for everyone at Social and Zackary finds that inclusivity really special.

From a young dreamer to a professional chef, Zackary continues to grow and evolve in the culinary industry.

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