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Possibly the best  part of living on the Gold Coast  is experiencing all the delicious meals scattered along the coastline – classic pub feeds from the surf club, delectable brunches on the water’s edge, and a scoop (or two) of gelato every so often, but all this gluttony can leave you feeling a little flat. The solution? Oracle Boulevard and our newest foodie destinations; Banana

Blossom, Oakberry Acai, and Mr Potato. Let’s chat about  the fan-favourite menu items that just so happen to be equally as delicious as they are healthy.

Banana Blossom

Crispy, savoury, and spicy – Banana  Blossom is everything you could ask for in a balanced meal. Their salads, rice bowls, and rice paper  rolls are made  with a mouth-watering combination of Asian-inspired flavours and fresh Australian ingredients that are ideal for a lunch out. You also can’t miss out on trying their famous Tokyo Classic salad – choose from chicken or tofu, and enjoy a mix of soba  noodles, cherry tomato, avocado, white sesame sweet  soy dressing, premium cress mix, Chinese cabbage, mint, coriander, and red onion. Head to their website for a full rundown  of the nutritional information of the dish.

Oakberry Acai

For those  who don’t know, Oakberry Acai is the number  one acai brand  in the world and rightfully so! Oakberry is all about  making their organic acai bowls part of a healthy lifestyle of millions for people across the globe. The best  part?  There’s no need  to travel far to experience one of their iconic Acai bowls, because Oakberry has recently opened on Oracle Boulevard! We recommend opting for their classic bowl and choosing your desired toppings. You’ll be pleased to hear that their acai is all-natural, rich in antioxidants, vegan,  cholesterol free, free from trans fats, preservatives, colourants, and no high-fructose corn syrup.

Mr Potato

Last but not least, Mr Potato  – home to fresh, fast, and healthy loaded potatoes! You might be wondering how a potato  is so healthy? Well, Mr Potato  has created a modern  spin on your traditional baked  potato. Their entire menu is 100% gluten-free, they use low-carb white potatoes that have 25% fewer carbs  than your average  potato, and their entire range of ingredients is sourced locally within Australia, where possible! You have to try their Mash Made in Heaven loaded potato  – with your choice of two proteins, kale, peas, corn, red onion, low-fat feta, and truffle mayo.

There’s certainly no need  to sacrifice wholesome, healthy food when you’re dining. Simply head to Oracle Boulevard and scope out all the fan favourites!

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