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Welcome, Light Years Skin Studio!

The ultimate guide to results-driven skincare! Plus, how they achieve all the feel-good benefits of sunshine without the harmful effects.

The importance of self-care is not lost on us this year. And with a new state-of-the-art skincare studio on the boulevard, Light Years Skin Studio, we couldn’t wait to ask them all the burning questions! You’ll discover their favourite thirst-quenching serums to keep your skin supple for summer, the #1 product they’d take to a desert island – and how they’re breaking down industry stereotypes.

Welcome to the boulevard! Could you introduce yourself?

Welcome to Light Years Skin Studio! We are a scientific, results-driven skin studio reimagined for real life and real people, in real-time. We offer supercharged LED light therapy sessions and an uncomplicated menu of targeted proven treatments with visible results. We want to democratise skin health and we’ve designed our memberships to be affordable, without compromise. We’re offering extended opening hours to suit all lifestyles!

How would you describe the Light Years Skin Studio ethos?

Grounded in science, activated by light, and led by you – Light Years values personal connections, tailored advice and honest, effective skincare for all. We hope to create a community that values the health of our environment, our skin and mental wellbeing as much as we do.

As the authorities in skincare, what is the one ingredient for hydration you’re loving right now?

Hyaluronic acid is a super hydrator. We love Medik8’s Hydr8 B5 Intense is infused with multi-weight hyaluronic acid and B5 panthenol all while stimulating your own hyaluronic and preventing its breakdown with a breathable film working in tandem.

If someone was to book a ‘special occasion’ treatment with you what would it be?

We’re hoping to shift the thinking around ‘special occasion’ to consistent self-care. But if we had to pick one – a Hydrafacial combined with supercharged LED light therapy! It’s the world’s most popular facial for a reason and can be customised for your needs. It’s a peel and hydrating mask in one and the latest advancement in non-laser, medical-grade procedures – 30 mins + a boost of LED light therapy – welcome to the future.

If you were put on a desert island with only three skincare products what would they be?

Mesoestetics SPF, Mesoestetics SPF, Mesoestetics SPF (it really is that good!).

Tell us a little more about how Light Years Skin Studio came to be:

After experiencing the aesthetic and therapeutic benefits of LED light therapy for ourselves, we knew we had to share. Regular sessions improved our overall radiance, helped us to heal, and delivered the feel-good benefits of sunshine without the harmful effects. We took everything we loved (efficiency and clarity), took out what we didn’t (attitude and expense), and added down-to-earth character of this place we call home. 

What products do you stock and why do you love them?

Medik8: similar values, environmentally conscious and most importantly, they work!

Biologi: Australian-made and 100% plant-based using advanced scientific extraction methods.

Mesoestetics: global leaders in sunscreen and depigmentation creams and peels.

Plus, all our products are cruelty-free and vegan!

What can clients expect when they come to visit you?

We are all about time efficiency, value, productive skincare and results. We are no fuss, environmentally conscious, free of stereotypes, and here for all your friends and family! We can’t wait to meet and thank you for supporting local independent business.

Now open at Oracle Boulevard, you can find more information about Light Years Skin Studio and book online by visiting www.lightyearsskinstudio.com.au

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