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Every building designed by Rothelowman responds uniquely to a client's needs, the site potential and the natural and urban environment. The Rothelowman team engage in radical exploration to find extraordinary solutions.

Rothelowman’s intelligence-driven approach has been recognised for creating high-quality, innovative designs across a range of sectors and project types.


Rothelowman believes good architecture is critical to the successful evolution of our cities. Our buildings are inspired by the existing context and seek to help define the future. Each building we conceive is an opportunity to respond intelligently to a unique set of circumstances and to improve and redefine the existing built environment.


Interior design is about the human experience of a built environment – the visceral as well as physical. We consider design as both an art and a science – the success of a design outcome is determined by how the two disciplines are combined.

We aim to positively impact and improve the quality of life for the people who enter the spaces we design.

Urban Design

A city is about people and community, so whether we are precinct- or master-planning, or participating in an urban regeneration project, our main consideration is how people live in and connect with the place.

Our design process involves deep analysis of existing conditions and the creation of sensuous experiences that enhance the site’s image and connection to its user.

Our successful past place-making projects are proof of our ability to harness existing site dynamics and infuse a sense of liveability and ground plane animation.