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On Sunday 8th October, the Twilight Table Dinner returns to Oracle Boulevard to showcase the impressive culinary skills of seven of the Gold Coast’s most highly acclaimed restaurants. In honour of the event, we sat down with the chefs from each of those renowned restaurants; The Lucky Squire, Mecca Bah, Orzo Restaurant, Mamasan Kitchen + Bar, Kost Bar + Grill, Social Eating House + Bar, and The Cuban to find out what they love cooking most! Read on for a sneak peek into the mind of these culinary geniuses and be sure to book a ticket to find out what they will be whipping up at the Twilight Table.

The Lucky Squire

Cesar Aguilar

To be a chef at The Lucky Squire you need to possess a natural love of cooking classic Australian cuisine, so it comes as no surprise that head chef, Cesar Aguilar, favours a perfectly cooked steak. “I try to make the food look exciting, I like to be proud of what we’re cooking and serving,” says Cesar.  Read more

Mecca Bah

Anuj Kamboj

Anuj Kamboj is a big fan of Mecca Bah’s most iconic meat platter and rightfully so! His love for diversity shines as he enjoys preparing lamb chops, chicken skills, lamb skills, and sticky beef ribs. Read more


Fabrizio Faitella

Fabrizio Faitella, the head chef at Orzo, loves being able to utilise an array of unique pasta varieties. In fact, they’re so unique that most diners can’t even pronounce them correctly! Read more

Mamasan Kitchen + Bar

Jacob Mackenzie

Head chef at Mamasan Kitchen + Bar, Jacob, often draws inspiration from his travels when creating meals. His favourite dish, Kingfish Sashimi, reflects his experiences in the bustling city of New York. While it’s not currently on the menu, Jacob hints that it might be soon! Read more

Kost Bar & Grill

Sebbie Kenyon

Sebbie Kenyon, known for his signature Blackened Hispi Cabbage at Kost, has a love for cooking meat, especially over fire, wood, and coal. He says, “The smells, the ambience, and the whole vibe is just great.” Read more

Social Eating House & Bar

Zackary Goddard

Those who are familiar with Social Eating House know that there are plenty of options on the menu but for head chef, Zackary, his favourite is the fish of the day. Ask almost any chef and they’ll tell you fish can be one of the toughest things to master but Zackary certainly has become a pro. Read more

The Cuban Bar & Lounge Dining

Phillipe Amrouche

Head chef at The Cuban, Phillipe, loves preparing raw fish – he loves it so much that it’s something he often makes for himself when he’s at home. There you have it, an exclusive look at what the chefs truly enjoy cooking! Read more

There you have it, an exclusive look at what the chefs truly enjoy cooking! Don’t miss the opportunity to experience their culinary magic firsthand by booking a ticket to the Twilight Table.

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